Jenni Engebretsen Quotes

6 Jenni Engebretsen quotes:

"As an industry, you can live with a low-grade fever, but you cannot live with a cancer -- and that's the level that we're currently at."
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"It's plain and simple. Where there has been evidence of music theft, there are consequences for illegal activity."
"Growth in the illegal marketplace is just minimal in comparison [to the legal marketplace]. And I think what that indicates is that our efforts have helped."
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"When you go online and illegally download music, there is no difference between that and walking into a local record store, convenience store, and shoplifting a CD."
Author: Engebretsen Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"That decline has taken a heavy toll on our industry as a whole -- from songwriters losing their jobs to record stores, especially those around college campuses, closing their doors."
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"The Internet2 consortium is a unique and innovative test bed for us to explore technologies that will help us produce and distribute our content with an eye on protecting those creative works."
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