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Simon Gagne Quotes

6 Simon Gagne quotes:

"It looks like every night it is tougher and tougher to score goals, and you face the best line on the road."
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"A lot of players have different opinions about the way we've played, so sometimes you need to maybe bring what you think and take the best of it. That's something we had to do and I think there are a lot positives from what we talked about and we should see a difference on the ice tomorrow."
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"I haven't had much success with shootouts so I was a little nervous. Maybe next time will be a little smoother."
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"A lot of the guys were going to bed early because there were guys who had slept on the plane and guys who hadn't. I talked to a lot of guys (yesterday) who were able to sleep until 9 a.m. Hopefully, the adjustment isn't going to be that difficult and we're able to get the rest we need as we go forward for the rest of the tournament."
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"We tried to start better and score a couple of quick goals, and it was a big plus when we did that. Overall, I think we played pretty well defensively."
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"Practice was more relaxed. We need to be more relaxed. Last week was too intense. (Tuesday) we were relaxed and had more fun on the ice laughing and all that. Sometimes in hockey if you play too intense or too tight you don't play your best game. (Monday and Tuesday) were more relaxing days and I think that's going to show in our game (tonight)."
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