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Richard Mandella Quotes

6 Richard Mandella quotes:

"He's just a big pet. I thought there was room for a lot of improvement going into his last race, so I'm hoping for that on Sunday."
"It's pretty similar, ... Both are big, strong horses who need a little training to do something like this. Rock Hard Ten is right around 1,200 pounds, I'd guess."
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"He never got the respect that he deserved, maybe because there's a big shadow that those guys cast. But he had results year after year. And it came full circle. He had some years getting the big horses and then got hurt. But now I think he's right back. I don't think he's trying to ride every single race. But every race he rides, he tries to ride as well as he can."
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"I saw blood on the back of his heel when he came back from his gallop. It's fairly minor, just at a bad time."
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"I'm very disappointed. But I've been training a long time, and once you get your senses about you, you're thankful it happened here and not on the track when he could have broken a leg or gotten hurt badly."
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"How happy am I? Considering the terrible meet I'm having here, I'd let this horse sleep in my own bed if I had to. Anytime you can get these old timers to come back like this, it's great."
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