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"We are sorry to lose Mark as he is a superb person, with extraordinary skill, experience and integrity. We understand corporate conflicts have arisen for Mark at his company that were not foreseeable at the time of his appointment. While we regret his decision to withdraw from the board, we nevertheless defer to his judgment as to the need to do so."
Author: Tate Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"The business climate in 2001 was marked by an extreme decline in memory prices and a very difficult economic environment."
Author: Tate Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"At the beginning, it can be devastating. But to be honest, you learn more from a bad set than you do from a good set; if you never have a bad set, you never get better. Sometimes they just don't get you, and sometimes you have to be able to adjust."
Author: Tate Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"I worked over the last year and a half with a Hollywood screenwriter named Mark Shepherd. He developed a screenplay out of the story. It's incredible; I hope that it can be made into a movie soon. Our agency is shopping it around Hollywood. I think it's going to be an incredibly powerful film. It starts with one part, and then we have plans for a sequel as well."
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