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16 Bobby Martin quotes:

"Our last two games he's just held everybody together. He's led by example. The guys trust him. That's big if they trust you."
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"It was hard fought game. Our guys gave a lot of energy tonight. … I think our depth (was the difference). We had some bench guys that really stepped up big. That was very, very important."
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"People need encouragement and need support. People want to know they can work through this."
"They need to understand that if you take care of business Saturday, that's where you'll go. I think you need to know what your destination is. That's not to say that you're looking past anybody. But you need to know what you are playing for. You are playing to go to Richmond."
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"They set goals at the beginning of the year. We are just trying to do them one at a time, one at a time, one at time. You can only do that one at a time. I want them to be excited about it (the title), but it is only one step."
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"One of the big boys. Ridge or J.C., one of them will guard him."
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"They're my kids, that's the way I look at it. They're good boys. I know they think they're men, but they're still boys. They're good young men and they're trying to do the right thing."
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"That's the first time we've ever shot the ball like that this year. You've just got to keep coaching defense because the shots are eventually going to drop. You build your house with defense."
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"That just comes from them playing with each other. Because they are good friends off the court, you get a good feel of where each other is going to be at."
"Franklin County fought hard tonight. We set goals and our team has knocked them off one by one."
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"He was raised up to serve God. I think that background has been good to him."
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"It's tradition, and we're trying to keep it going."
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"Oh boy. He might be one of the most talented big men we'll face."
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"He's not as long or as tall as Witcher, but he plays a different type of big-man game than Witcher. He puts the ball on the floor a lot more than Witcher."
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"I don't worry about it. We work on situations everyday in practice. What can you do to prepare for that? Do you make the game close to prepare for that? We're focused enough to make decisions. All we can do is work on it in practice. We're trying to do the same thing whether we're up or down."
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"We're getting smarter. People don't realize we only start one senior. We got to get focused and keep focused. I'm still pleased with them. Not satisfied, but pleased with them."
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