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Brian Blair Quotes

8 Brian Blair quotes:

"Enough's enough. It's time to let the bad guys know that we mean business,"
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"I have every confidence John [Dausman] will be very unbiased and stick to the facts."
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"If you went to weekends, you wouldn't have to worry about repaying grants, and you could save some operating dollars."
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"By no means is this going to be a witch hunt against HARTline, ... I want that known from the beginning."
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"What Josh does on his own personal time is not my business."
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"If the business district feels [the streetcar is] that important, let the business district step up. If the development community feels it has caused that much development, let the development community step up."
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"That would appear to be a conflict of interest to me, ... The majority of time you hire outside consultants, they give you the outcome you want because they want to be hired again."
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"I've been outright lied to by public works. If they lied to me once, they'll lie to me again."

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