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8 Mike Rutherford quotes:

"I can assume that the younger generations will no longer know what vinyl was. Maybe some kids will take their CD back to the shop, telling the shop owner they have a faulty disc and if they could please get a new one."
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"I would feel horrible to think I had put my name on a pistol permit and allowed someone to carry around a gun and they committed another crime."
"I have a studio at home where I record all of my solo material from the beginning 'til the very end, thus also the ideas which later on will find their way onto yet another Mike & The Mechanics album."
"We are making sure our counselors are connecting with our students about college, ... Sometimes students think they don't have enough money to attend college, and we have spent time meeting with them, letting them know they can."
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"They're the class of the tournament."
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"That (home run) was a backbreaker, ... It just deflated us."
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"That (home run) was a backbreaker. It just deflated us."
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"I didn't want to send anyone down there on secondhand information,"

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