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21 Irina Slutskaya quotes:

"When I see all the small girls and all the experience I have, that explains the difference in the scores."
"It was a good beginning."
"For me this competition is not really important. It is just another step in going to Turin."
"It?s competition. I don?t want to tell you what I?m thinking."
"You will never know what will happen in the competition, but I will try to do it."
"It was a big disappointment. But it's life. It's competition. Things happen. This has happened; there's nothing I can do about it now. I'm happy to have a medal."
"That's competition. It's pressure all the time. You never know what can happen. I'm just happy what I got. There are some girls who came and competed and got 18th and 20th places. I'm happy I have something."
"It's competition. I don't want to tell you what I'm thinking."
"I am happy. I skated well. This is a competition and sometimes things don't go as you'd like them to."
"I'm happy because I got another medal. It's a competition and it's ice and anything can happen."
"I'm a bit disappointed in my skating, because I was prepared for this competition. That's competition. It's pressure all the time."
"Maybe somebody is thinking I'm a favorite, but it's the Olympic Games and you never know who can win."
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"The other girls are so young, ... They're not our generation."
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"I won't think about anything. I am just happy with the medal."
"I like all parts of the music, ... When I was on ice, I felt like I am a flamenco dancer."
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"I love this pressure. It is not interesting when nobody skates well. I like it when the atmosphere is really competitive like tonight."
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"I felt so bad yesterday. Today I felt better, much more comfortable. You could see it in the practice."
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"I'm so surprised, and I can't find any words for it."
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"She's a really, really smart woman. She understands skating, and she understands me. She knows which way to push, which way to rest."
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"I had my best performance today. It was great and the most important thing for me."

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