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27 Mary Pierce quotes:

"I'm ready to play but it's the captain's choice. If he feels another player can do a better job, fine."
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"I just did everything in my power the best that I could today, and it wasn't meant to be, ... She was very motivated out there today. I could see it. She wanted it. She definitely played better today than a couple days ago when I beat her."
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"I had some problems at first but I felt better in the second set."
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"I could not concentrate on the match in the beginning, but at 4-all I calmed down and adjusted myself to a specific surface here and realized how to play,"
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"She made me play bad. She was quicker than all the other girls I played so far. She would hit another ball back, and I would make a mistake."
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"I think I had some troubles in the past just because (we) were friends, Fed Cup team-mates, just know each other so well, spend so much time together,"
"Her serves weren't as fast, ... It can be difficult playing against somebody who is hurt."
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"I'm really disappointed because I've been playing really well. I was looking forward to continuing my performance of last week into this week as well."
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"It was pretty crazy, ... She made a lot of mistakes. I was surprised how I won the first set quickly. I just kept fighting and hanging in there. It is never over until it's over."
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"I am the same as I always will be. I'm French and I'm American. I was born in Canada. I love living in America, and I love playing the French Open in front of my French people, who support me."
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"I'm just feeling so great, ... It's pretty special, it's pretty neat. I feel God has blessed me with this gift."
Author: Pierce Quotes Category: God Quotes
"I made mistakes on those match points but it's like that at times."
Author: Pierce Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"I think in the past it was just kind of difficult for me to just play my best in this environment, ... I feel that the difference this year for me is the experience and maturing and learning to deal with things in a different way and knowing myself better."
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"I was playing unbelievable in the beginning, even my shanks were going in,"
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"I just played unbelievably well at the beginning, even my shanks were going in,"
Author: Pierce Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"Its super to play with Martina, and she has huge amounts of talent. We have a lot of fun."
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"She made me play bad, I guess you could say, because she is far quicker than all the other girls that I've played so far. She got another ball back every time."
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"The hard work is definitely paying off, that's for sure, ... I have said before that last year I wasn't sure if I would play again and after much thought, decided I had more to do in tennis and really this year has just been amazing...This tournament was not on my original schedule for this year, but I saw last month that I might qualify for the WTA Tour Championships, so decided to stay in Europe and play the big events to try to get my points up."
Author: Pierce Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"I didn't try and hit her on purpose. Sometimes that happens in tennis, but it was not my goal."
Author: Pierce Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"She has done so well this week and had great success, so it wasn't easy, ... In the beginning she played really well. I didn't play great tennis but I had some good shots and it was important for me to play smart,"
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