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"I am the same as I always will be. I'm French and I'm American. I was born in Canada. I love living in America, and I love playing the French Open in front of my French people, who support me."
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"My life off the court has changed. I'm feeling good inside, so I guess it shows on the outside too."
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"Its super to play with Martina, and she has huge amounts of talent. We have a lot of fun."
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"I was playing unbelievable in the beginning, even my shanks were going in,"
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"I just played unbelievably well at the beginning, even my shanks were going in,"
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"I could not concentrate on the match in the beginning, but at 4-all I calmed down and adjusted myself to a specific surface here and realized how to play,"
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"I had hard time adjusting to this surface. I was not confident enough at the beginning of the match but after I got up 4-1 [in the second set], I felt more comfortable... I tried to make her run a lot to make her tired and that tactic seemed to work."
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"She has done so well this week and had great success, so it wasn't easy, ... In the beginning she played really well. I didn't play great tennis but I had some good shots and it was important for me to play smart,"
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"I'm ready to play but it's the captain's choice. If he feels another player can do a better job, fine."
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"I think I had some troubles in the past just because (we) were friends, Fed Cup team-mates, just know each other so well, spend so much time together,"
"Her serves weren't as fast, ... It can be difficult playing against somebody who is hurt."
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"She made me play bad. She was quicker than all the other girls I played so far. She would hit another ball back, and I would make a mistake."
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"She made me play bad, I guess you could say, because she is far quicker than all the other girls that I've played so far. She got another ball back every time."
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"Once you get to the top of the game, there are tons of girls now that can play really great tennis. We've got at least 10 that can win a tournament any week. So when you come down to it, it's more the mental part of the game and being able to deal with the little things that make the big difference."
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"I'm just feeling so great, ... It's pretty special, it's pretty neat. I feel God has blessed me with this gift."
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"The third set was a battle. I kept fighting and hanging in there."
"The hard work is definitely paying off, that's for sure, ... I have said before that last year I wasn't sure if I would play again and after much thought, decided I had more to do in tennis and really this year has just been amazing...This tournament was not on my original schedule for this year, but I saw last month that I might qualify for the WTA Tour Championships, so decided to stay in Europe and play the big events to try to get my points up."
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"I was happy with the way I started out the match, ... I was really playing well. I knew what I needed to do against her. She's a dangerous player if you let her play. The key for me today was hitting the ball hard, being aggressive, hitting it deep."
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"I think in the past it was just kind of difficult for me to just play my best in this environment, ... I feel that the difference this year for me is the experience and maturing and learning to deal with things in a different way and knowing myself better."
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"I didn't try and hit her on purpose. Sometimes that happens in tennis, but it was not my goal."
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