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4 Jack Riley quotes:

"The notion that you can, with 100 percent certainty, prevent this kind of incident from happening in the U.S. or anywhere else is absurd,"
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"What we're beginning to see is people traveling great distances to get pseudoephedrine."
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"[K. Jack Riley, a homeland security expert at Rand Corp., said hardened cockpit doors, air marshals and stronger public vigilance will prevent another 9/11-style hijacking.] Frankly, the preeminent security challenge at this point is keeping explosives off the airplane, ... recognize the reality that we know that air transportation security has changed post-9/11. Most of these rules don't contribute to security."
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"[Cameras] have huge post-incident investigation value and potential prosecution value. One of the reasons the London authorities have made the progress that they've made is because of the images they had on the camera."
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