Ken Ehrlich Quotes

7 Ken Ehrlich quotes:

"It's fun, it qualifies as entertainment. It's four very diverse performances that I think represent the kind of real iconic TV themes that people hum."
"the beginning of a little bit of healing."
Author: Ehrlich Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"There is no more perfect choice to host this year's Emmy show than Ellen. She brings her own distinct style and talent to everything she does."
Author: Ehrlich Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"There's just nobody better to walk on that stage that night and be able to comment on it and bring a personal perspective on it,"
Author: Ehrlich Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"It was not a question of putting music into the show just for the sake of putting music in the show. But if you could have a music component that works, that makes for a great TV show."
Author: Ehrlich Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"has the potential to be extremely emotional."
Author: Ehrlich Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"I think there's an opportunity for this show to definitely be respectful and responsive, but I think there's an opportunity and maybe a responsibility to play some part in healing."

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