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Michael Cohen Quotes

7 Michael Cohen quotes:

"Usually, business spending on software doesn't happen at the beginning of a recovery but once the recovery is undeniable."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"What does that tell you about how people value mental health? New Hampshire deserves better."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"There are bad guys out there. They're looking for potential targets."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"In the past, you had to lure good talent with options. But it's a sign of the times. Across the board most people are happy to just have a job."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Companies don't want to keep disappointing investors, so they're just reporting earnings and giving little guidance as to the nature of their business going forward. Companies used to give indications for a year out. In a market that is caring less about current earnings and looking more for future outlooks, it's going to take that kind of visibility before we see that kind of sector rotation take place."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"If inventory continues to build going out a few quarters and companies that are planning for better demand don't get it, then that would be a concern."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"It's premature to conclude from this that corporate spending on technology is back in full bloom."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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