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"Our preference is to first identify a home away from home venue for our football team. The possibilities, there are more than a handful right now. We haven't weighed in on any of them at this point, and we haven't ruled any of them out."
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"The cooperation with all of these schools has been outstanding. We never forget these young men and women were student-athletes, and we did the best job we could in accomplishing this under difficult circumstances. It was something made easier by the way the schools involved accepted our people."
"In the end, this is probably the best scenario, to return students to as normal a campus setting and experience as we could."
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"Life as we know it in New Orleans and Tulane has changed. We have leaned on each other and gotten support. And there may be a stronger resolve than there has ever been."
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"This logo embodies our current focus. We said from the beginning that traditional scorecards are out the window as far as Tulane athletics is concerned this year. This is our goal, to get back in the game, to persevere and to accomplish this mission of representing our university and our community."
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"Unfortunately, we have a lot of experience in dealing with these situations."
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"Until 4 p.m. on Friday, ... we didn't know the answer if we could compete in our sports programs."
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"I can't say enough about the tremendous outpouring of support we have received from every single person we have spoken to over the last several days. Our priority was to continue to provide a high quality academic and athletic experience for our athletes. This plan could not have come together without their help."
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"We're still absorbing everything that did happen. The worst national disaster in our country's history, and you're part of it."
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"That's absolutely something we think about all the time, ... Everyday, we keep in mind that we're representing (Tulane)."
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"We're going to line up some professionals -- counselors. The reality is just setting in for all of us. We didn't have the benefit of looking from the outside in. They're still absorbing everything that did happen. There will finally be some realization of what happened -- as it's been described to us, the worst disaster in our country's history."
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"We have tried to create a stable environment. There were tough circumstances in Jackson. Here we knew we would have the (Conference USA) conference office that could communicate for us. (Wednesday) we struggled just to communicate with people without land lines. The (conference) was able to pro-actively set things up for us."
"Our first preference is to first identify a home away from home venue for our football team."
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