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5 Bryan Herta quotes:

"Some drivers have more experience on road courses than others, but as time goes by, it all levels out."
Author: Herta Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"It helps a little, especially in the beginning of the session. But those guys learn the track very quickly, and I haven't been there for four or five years myself so it isn't like I've been running around there lately."
Author: Herta Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"It looks like a lot of fun and I'd be interested,"
Author: Herta Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"To me, going to a race, it's an event. It's almost like going to a movie. Just because you went to a movie last week doesn't mean you don't want to go again this week, if it's a good movie, if it's something you want to see."
Author: Herta Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I remember racing at Laguna Seca in the late '90s and there being a lot of people there on race day. Most of those people are still out there somewhere. There's a lot of road racing fans in Northern California, and hopefully they're going to want to come out here this weekend."
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