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"I believe this is a governor who at his core is a libertarian on issues of social matters, ... and that he is very fair-minded. I think he also takes the longer, rather than shorter, view of history."
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"I believe this is a governor who is a libertarian,"
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"It's just the beginning."
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"We are so very close, ... It would be very disappointing for this body not to be able to stand up for civil rights."
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"No legislative body has ever passed such a measure. It would be historic,"
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"Do what we know is in our hearts, ... Make sure all Californians, all California's children and families, will have equal protection under the law."
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"When people realize that the sky does not fall, civilization does not end, people say this is a nonissue,"
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"Allowing same-sex couples to access one another's health care plans, make joint medical decisions, inherit one another's property, file joint tax returns, and provide for their children without fear of them falling into foster care should one partner pass away is not only humane but fiscally prudent,"
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"The only thing that could come to mind is that he's politically pandering to the far right, which has been demanding that he make a statement, ... I'd like to take her at her word that he only considers the policy implications, which means there's no need to make such a hurried decision."
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"The issue doesn't go away, ... Support will only increase. The more the public hears about same-sex marriage, the more the public supports it."
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"Our current laws tell peaceful, law-abiding, tax-paying, native-born citizens, you and your partner must either split up or leave the country, ... This is nonsense and it's completely mean spirited."
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"Margita Thompson has said all kinds of things in the past that have proven not to be true, ... I will continue to make my request to meet with the governor and explain why there are millions of people who are suffering under the inequality of the current law and who need this bill to be signed."
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