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"I didn't think much of the state run at the time. It was a good experience. I was just worried about each game."
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"I really couldn't believe it. When they told me I had to have surgery, I couldn't believe it. I was really upset. I was having a great camp, and I was really excited to get the season going. I had a couple hard days, but after that, I realized I'd have a chance to come back and help the team. I threw everything aside and dedicated myself to getting back."
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"Last year ? at the beginning of the year, he was a little hesitant. But last year, he became a lot more vocal. And definitely this year, he became the leader of the huddle."
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"Hopefully my bad luck is over, and I got it all out of the way. I'm looking forward now. I'm not looking in the past."
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"When we came back from the bowl game, we didn't reach our potential like we should have last year. Weight could have been a part of it, so all the coaches wanted us to drop weight, get stronger, get quicker. We definitely had the intensity to do that this year during winter."
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