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Jack Stephens Quotes

6 Jack Stephens quotes:

"You can imagine the extraordinary force that a billion gallons of water has coming over these levees, ... It happened on a seven-mile stretch simultaneously."
Author: Stephens Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"It was fun in the beginning. Now it's a major chore. But if I weren't doing it, I would have been out of business years ago."
Author: Stephens Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"You are not prepared for what you are going to see because of the massive devastation and the chaos, and you are not prepared for the grief of those who might have lost everything,"
Author: Stephens Quotes Category: Chaos Quotes
"For people to come home to that damage and then to make that gruesome discovery - that doesn't seem fair to me."
Author: Stephens Quotes Category: Discovery Quotes
"On Sunday, everything was fine, we had electricity, water and air conditioning, ... On Monday, we lost electricity. By Tuesday the water was coming in through the holes in the roof, the electricity and air conditioning were off and toilets were beginning to back up. People were getting frustrated."
"Fishermen have been selling their land to sportsmen for years, ... The storm is only going to speed that up by giving people another reason to leave."
Author: Stephens Quotes Category: Land Quotes

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