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"(If) it was just an isolated fire, it would be done in a few minutes. I never expected it to be this big."
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"It's great to start out with a touchdown and get things rolling. Things were definitely clicking at the beginning of the game. That's how we should have looked for four quarters. It's a huge boost to score on your first drive. That set the tone for the game. Our goal is to make every quarter like that first quarter, where we're running on all cylinders."
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"To be a great football team, you have to play with passion, ... He's done such a good job of helping us feeling it inside why we're here, why we want to win, why BYU is different from everybody else. I don't want to say we've 'bought into it,' because it almost sounds like a sales pitch, like somehow someone got kidded into thinking that this is better than it really is. No matter what kind of picture is painted, this place is awesome. He hasn't tricked any of us into believing this is a great place. He's just reminded us that, 'Hey, this place is special and you're lucky to be here. So work hard.'"
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"We're not going to force the deep ball,"
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"That's the purpose for the hard work in the offseason, ... So we can be comfortable now. I wanted to prepare myself so, on Saturday, I can be confident. You want to go out there and think, 'If I perform the way I should, they can't stop us.' I feel that way about my teammates, too. I believe in them - I want them to believe in me, to trust me, to know, when they look at me, they can depend on me."
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"So many of these plays are set plays, where it's five guys running their specific route and the quarterback throws the ball to whoever the defense dictates is going to get the ball. Whereas in the past, it was each receiver would do certain things to adjust his route to try to get open."
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"We have to be upbeat, find the things that we made mistakes on and fix them and go into this ballgame fired up."
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"We had a chip on our shoulder coming into practice. We wanted to prove something, because we knew how good we were."
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"It?s a great opportunity for Cody to go and participate at a high level and go on and get his college education paid for. We?re just excited for him and his family and Crater?s football program. It?s a big bonus for everyone."
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