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"Emergency responders typically look at new equipment with a little bit of cynicism. You can imagine how much equipment is touted as 'solving all of their problems,'"
"If you see a family of five with two toddlers, they are a lot more vulnerable and in need of rescue than four or five guys who were having a hurricane party and can probably stay out for another six hours, worse come to worse."
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"We walked away with a sense of, this is all beginning to come together, that it can be a radical, positive change in the technology that emergency responders can use and can save lives, and help them work more efficiently."
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"What really has been the convincing point for the emergency response community and the civil and mechanical communities who focus on structural damage has been seeing the data; once you have seen the data it becomes very compelling."
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"There's been no real change in over 15 years, ... You don't have a computer that's 15 years old. You probably don't have a television that's 15 years old. ... I'm really frustrated. I want to help get the technology out â and make sure it's the right technology, not just people throwing stuff out there."
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