Rodney Davis Quotes

5 Rodney Davis quotes:

"This is a unique experience. People are looking for that. Everything is so cookie-cutter these days."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"We need to completely shed ourselves of the monopoly culture. It's very difficult for some to accept. We need to get our employees to operate as entrepreneurs within their own space."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"If you're guided by a spirit of transparency, it forces you to operate with a spirit of ethics. Success comes from simplifying complex issues, address problems head on, be truthful and transparent. If you open yourself up to scrutiny, it forces you to a higher standard. I believe you should deliver on your promise. Promise responsibly."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Ethics Quotes
"We've always said from the beginning that we're not going to be doing this hype thing of running around, talking about our numbers every month and say everything's fine. [But] we are not losing market share."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"You're actually assuming government is rational?"
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Government Quotes

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