Aaron Lee Quotes

5 Aaron Lee quotes:

"He understood his economic situation. That's part of his work ethic. He knows how Stephanie struggled to get him some shoes. Part of her sacrifice drove him. He talks about repaying his mom."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"When you see him smile, you really don't know what he's gone through to get to that point emotionally and socially, because there was a lot of anger and disappointment. The most phenomenal thing about the whole story is he entered the University of Washington as a regular student. The basketball will take care of itself."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"He was sweaty at this time and that made it difficult for the officers to control him,"
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"He was Tased multiple times. Understand that when the probes go out and attach to the body, you can pull the trigger more than once, resulting in more than one Tase per probe discharge,"
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"Once he was in custody, an ambulance was immediately called because of his bizarre behavior, his nudity and his sweating,"
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes

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