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Kenneth Trump Quotes

8 Kenneth Trump quotes:

"Even if the government had actual real-time data, it's two to three years old, ... School administrators need to know what is happening today and what to anticipate tomorrow, not outdated numbers from yesteryear."
Author: Trump Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"[Football games] present a place where something that started somewhere else may come to be finished, ... It's a large crowd, and crowds provide anonymity. So people may jump in and do things that they might normally not do."
Author: Trump Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"The reality is that the behavior is inappropriate, especially for a school climate. Just as if we go in an airport, it's inappropriate to joke about bombs and weapons."
Author: Trump Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"The real test of any governmental agency's priorities is reflected in what it budgets to address a particular issue, not rhetoric."
Author: Trump Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"School crisis teams and staff often have unrealistic expectations of police and other public safety personnel response capabilities, which creates a false perception of outside support and less internal capacity building for handling a real school emergency."
Author: Trump Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Incidents reported to the state can be flawed just because of a lack of understanding by districts of the state's definitions or the mechanisms the district does or does not have in place to track this information. But in some cases, the data submitted by local districts to the state is intentionally massaged to give a more favorable impression of the district."
"This incident is certainly one more reminder in a list of many that school violence is alive and active in far too many communities."
Author: Trump Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Why on Earth are Congress and the federal bureaucrats cutting school emergency planning and safety money, while spending millions on ad campaigns and Web sites?"
Author: Trump Quotes Category: Congress Quotes

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