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"The growth of search and the role of search in usage of the Internet has been astounding. When you look at search penetration, it's near 80 percent. The number of searches each person generates, it's high. It would be intuitive to say the numbers can't get any bigger than they are, but they've continued nonetheless."
Author: Cassar Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Whether it's out of laziness or ignorance, consumers' starting point is very much search."
Author: Cassar Quotes Category: Ignorance Quotes
"The double-digit increase in online search activity marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Internet consumer behavior. Online search is the primary tool most people rely on to do everyday research."
Author: Cassar Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"We're seeing an improvement in relevancy and a dramatic improvement in the amount of content online."
Author: Cassar Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"...As consumers increase their use of the Internet, the opportunity for the Web to influence their online and off-line shopping behavior grows. Simply put, businesses must integrate across channels."
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