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"No doubt, the relative easing in geopolitical tensions weighed on the markets yesterday. The Saudi incident, which was somewhat over-exaggerated on Friday, got discounted in calmer fashion for what it was -- a non-event in terms of supply, although a briefly unnerving one at that."
Author: Meir Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"More metal will become available and the spreads are reflecting this expectation."
Author: Meir Quotes Category: Expectation Quotes
"This is not to minimize the importance of the events swirling around us, but merely to suggest that they will now have to hit the markets with more urgency than they have in the past."
Author: Meir Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"This could, in effect, torpedo Russian and Chinese attempts to bring the Iranians around, and escalate the crisis once again."
Author: Meir Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Although many polls show that U.S. consumers are intent on altering their behavior (i.e., driving less), we still have not seen significant structural shifts in behavior."
Author: Meir Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"The markets are picking up the scent of a compromise in the offing."
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"Support levels on crude...should hold at least through today, as participants will be reluctant to go home short heading into the weekend."
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