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"We may be at the early stages of realizing that it is not being caused by the evil oil companies but that we do have a real energy crisis."
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"You have to have the world start doing better (before commodities prices correct), and the Asian crisis is starting to look a lot like what Latin America went through in the 1980s. It took them almost a decade to get their problems fixed."
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"Gasoline consumption fell. That suggests one of two things. First is the economy in worse shape than we thought or the high oil prices are starting to be affected by demand destruction."
"It's kind of the first good news that we've had on the economy all week. It's a good number. But the problem with the number is it's really not indicative of the national number. It's the East Coast that's really suffering."
"The storm has moved over Florida, so we know for sure that it's not going to damage any energy facilities. The weather is still mild so heating demand has yet to pick up. The primary trend is still lower."
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"They have got [parliamentary] elections on Sunday and we just don't know what is going to happen."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"When you got over $3, you did see behavior change. That does seem to be the magic number, $3 to $3.50."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"Will they continue to push the world community? We just don't know. Until we know, it's just really hard to tell what they'll do, assuming tensions remain high."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Although crude oil inventories remain high relative to recent history, fears of future disruptions are encouraging further inventory increases, which tend to support prices [and] create a positive feedback loop."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"This is an election year and we're already deep into the silly season. The government has to figure out what it wants to do."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Crude oil is the least of our worries. There is ample supply in storage and the government will tap the SPR, because this is what it is there for. They released supply last year when Hurricane Ivan struck the region."
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"The government has got to come up with a way in funding itself."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Anything that throws China off its growth path would affect commodities, especially crude oil. Look what severe acute respiratory syndrome [Sars] did to China for just a couple of quarters."
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"Overall, the report suggests that demand will recover this year, while supply growth won't be all that robust. Thus, the markets will likely remain tight."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Natural-gas prices peak in about the middle of December. That's because once you get past that point you begin to get a better feel for the idea that you're probably going to have enough gas to get through the season."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"The market is facing some seasonal pressure, but given the violence of the decline and the impending long weekend, I would not be shocked by a short-covering rally into the close."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"The primary support factor today is the lift in crude. You also could be seeing more aggressive buying in heating oil."
Author: O'Grady Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Natural gas is the real worry. Unfortunately we can't import the missing production. This is largely a domestic market."
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