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Vincent Weafer Quotes

9 Vincent Weafer quotes:

"We determined that a significant amount of these were new machines that were Christmas gifts going online and not getting security patches onto them."
Author: Weafer Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"This first Macintosh OS X threat is an example of the continuing spread of malicious code on to other platforms."
Author: Weafer Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"It was designed for a different era. With threats increasingly resorting to stealth, we decided it's a greater risk to hide the directory than to open it."
Author: Weafer Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"We've already approached the IT-ISAC, a forum of security vendors and researchers, and asked them as to whether they can help us form an open discussion. It looks like they're willing to do that."
Author: Weafer Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Setting up this option will alert users to unusual behavior because the user will be asked to confirm the sending of all files."
Author: Weafer Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"Our hope is that the Internet stays very open for everybody; that is the original intent. It's for communication, it's for surfers, it's online; it really allows us to have online communities around the world."
"The successful industry practices previously established for sharing virus information demonstrate the effectiveness of cooperation among Internet security experts."
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"We think users can be very safe online if they take the best practices out there and just practice a bit of Internet safety."
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"Basically, it stores deleted files in a hidden directory. It's old technology designed for a different era, like Windows 95 and 98."
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