James Cook Quotes

5 James Cook quotes:

"On the ignition side, human behavior is really what dictates whether we have a fire season."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"The dead grass and pine needles from last year serve as fuel for the fire. With the wind blowing the way it is, an ember from a small fire can blow dozens of feet and spark a larger fire."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"There are more and more talented women conductors around the world and they're going to make their mark. I would think Baltimore would be happy to have Alsop, she's an fine conductor."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"It's not how long your legs are; it's how fast you pick them up and put them down that counts."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"We were in disbelief that someone would be that ignorant to do something so flagrant in violation of the law,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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