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"There is no question in my mind. We can play the tape right now. Anybody can see that he was in the air and that he had left the ground and the ball had left his hand."
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"He had to learn how hard he has to work to keep his spot. He's put together a good month of practice and has become what we thought when we brought him in here."
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"My personal belief is that his communication with agents affects how he plays. I won't elaborate any further on it, but he and I have talked about that. But I certainly think it affects how he plays in certain games."
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"I believe the ACC and Big 12 are definitely two of the best conferences in the country anywhere, night in and night out."
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"His teams not only play hard, but they play with a great deal of discipline. The guys who are supposed to shoot the ball shoot the ball. The ones who are supposed to set screens set screens, and then they play off of everything else."
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"We've got to keep plugging away and see how we can correct some of the mistakes we made."
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"I think we are past trying to get into the tournament. We'd like to get in the tournament and go deep in the tournament."
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"It's encouraging to hear him say those things. I know he is working hard to build community support for the department."
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"Boy, that's some kind of family gene."
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"If we come back and take care of our home court, that gives us 19 wins, maybe tied for fourth place in the league, and we'll have had a really good season."
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"I think that he is a very talented young man. He does not mind working. We all have to realize that most of the times the NBA drafts on potential, and anyone that has seen Richard play over the past couple of seasons knows that he has a lot of potential. He will continue to improve every year that he plays basketball just because he is willing to work at it."
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"Baylor is going to be a team to be reckoned with in the future."
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"He is a future NBA guy. He reminds me of (former Cyclone Jamaal) Tinsley. He's that type of player with great size and strength about him. We've got clips of him just forearming guys and being physical. Nothing dirty. He's as tough as any player in the league."
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"There are times when he thinks he is Magic (Johnson) and times we think he is tragic. Tonight, he came around."
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"Roby had a difficult time all night. I thought they did an excellent job in guarding Roby -- being physical with him and creating issues with him getting open and getting good looks. Most of his shots that he took were under duress, and we ended up with Marcus Hall having to over-dribble more because guys couldn't get freed up."
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"I think it's very rewarding for the players that are participating at each place. I know every coach and every department has worked long and hard to get to this point where each program is having some success."
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"Every team has to have that one guy. But as I told Richard tonight, part of the character of good and great players is consistency. He has to make his presence felt on the floor every night."
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"If you're averaging five or six (thousand) and wind up with eight (thousand), that's certainly moving in the right direction. At this point we don't have any complaints about the crowds we've had in the last few games. Can it be better? Certainly. But it's been awfully good based on where we started."
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"It's a matter of staying focused and not trying to make home-run plays."
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"This is what we face on the road every game, so it's nice to have our own home crowd motivation. Our guys really feed off that. It's a great energy to have."
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