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"Our belief is that the patent covers a narrow method of Web crawling that's specific to Lycos, ... We believe our method is different."
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"There is a kind of revolution going on, on the corporate desktop."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Revolution Quotes
"But it seems to be because of a scheduling conflict. He's done a lot and been supportive. He's spoken about this issue on the Senate floor."
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"I couldn't have picked anybody better. He's a terrific coach and he'll do a great job. He was an outfielder and I was an infielder (at LU) and we sort of melded our systems together (at Glass)."
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"It's amazing how many times helmets save lives. Kids' bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets, even your old high school football helmet; they all will protect your head from flying debris."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Customers choose Quantum for their product innovation, the superior value they provide, and their outstanding customer support. Quantum is making it easy for customers to integrate security into their backup process. We look forward to working together to help our customers achieve success."
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"And a lot goes on below that 2,000-foot level. Even with all the advanced algorithms and computers, radar is not that accurate. It only infers what might be happening. We just don't get the whole picture from radar."
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"[With the 19 state laws already passed and Congress focusing on the issue, even enterprise customers normally opposed to regulations recognize that a national law is likely, said Kevin Brown, vice president of marketing for Decru Inc., a storage security vendor.] In today's legislative environment, I don't think you're going to get a bill that just cancels the state laws, ... They'd love to have less regulation in general, but in this case, I think everybody's fairly realistic. What enterprises are looking for is guidance."
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