Mark Rush Quotes

5 Mark Rush quotes:

"This has taken a toll, financially and emotionally. His family is dealing with this in a very real way every day."
Author: Rush Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"As all of you know, and I believe Channel 4 reported, it is very expensive to defend oneself when the federal government investigates you."
Author: Rush Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"I think it's cheap, tasty, and Randy is a tremendous guy. God, what else is there to it?"
Author: Rush Quotes Category: God Quotes
"If the government illegally seizes evidence, not only that evidence can be suppressed but any evidence that was derived therefrom or obtained as a result of that evidence. So we will be moving toward a dismissal of that indictment in its entirety."
Author: Rush Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Dealers should not necessarily assume that vendors' performance has fallen just because overall satisfaction slipped. I would assume that the expectation has risen."
Author: Rush Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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