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"I don't have [an answer] yet. I haven't sat down with the doctors since I had the MRI. It's something I'll ask. Is there a reason? Is there a cause? Could it be a thousand variables that led up to it or is it one specific thing? I'm sure there's not one answer. Will I ever know? I don't know."
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"What he said didn't matter as much as how he looked. His stuff and his eyes looked like he was still in the second inning."
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"He's made some enemies in this clubhouse, for good or for bad. What I've learned in the four years is I don't take anything personally anymore. I respect the attention I get, and understand the scrutiny I'm under. I accept it and I'll go with it and take that responsibility and go out and pitch this year."
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"I have never had a problem with Stone and don't believe he has a problem with me. I'm sure he's doing his job. He can say what he likes. He's well respected by fans and a lot of people in baseball."
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"Henry had a great day. I'm glad he had a good day, especially after his birthday."
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"It's not about personal achievements or personal wins, it's about winning as a team. We haven't won as many games as we would like as team."
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"Heather and I have gone up there [to the homes] and just hung out, ... The kids are great. They're really motivated and it's something they want to do. One kid was doing junior senator stuff and working at camps. It's really fun to hang out with them."
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"We made a lot of mistakes as pitchers last year. We didn't cover the bag at first a few times, threw the ball to the wrong bases. I think we all need to make sure we're focused this spring on doing the things we need to get better at. They're small, but obviously very huge parts of the game."
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"I've been on throwing programs before, but this one is a little more structured, trying to build up arm strength. I'm doing extended amounts of sets, throwing 20-25 at a certain distance and then taking a little break and going back a little bit farther. I think I'm responding to it well. We talked about it last year, that's how it would be - take it a little bit slower or a little bit more methodical."
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"Jim (Hendry) never came out and said, 'We're looking to trade him,' so I don't really validate any of the rumors."
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"He started out not very sharp and he had 37 pitches in the first inning, ... That's almost three innings worth and we were debating whether or not to send him out in the seventh or not but he wanted to pitch and he ended the game strong."
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