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"To have faith is to believe in truth, believe that truth confers special power on those lucky enough to get a little insight, and to know in our hearts that all these things come from God, which is why we should never get too cocky about our successes."
"Today there are about 40 million retirees receiving benefits; by the time all the baby boomers have retired, there will be more than 72 million retirees drawing Social Security benefits."
"Voting is a right best exercised by people who have taken time to learn about the issues."
"We believe. We believe in our destiny as a nation. We believe we have been called to do good, to spread the blessings of liberty and encourage the sense of trust upon which free societies depend."
"We live in an anaesthetized society."
"We've got to rebuild human hearts - and persuade people that hope isn't just possible, but essential."
"There's no consensus on cutting the budget, solving the illegal immigration problem, tackling the looming meltdown of Medicare and Social Security or making a concerted effort to win the hearts of minority voters."
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"One of the reasons I took the job is not only because I believe in the president, because believe it or not I want to work with you."
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