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Brian Baker Quotes

7 Brian Baker quotes:

"The only consistent quote was that it brought peace to the house. Parents argue with their kids about media all the time, almost daily. After using Bob for one or two days, the kids accept that 'this is Mum and Dad's rule, and we can't do anything about it'. It becomes a non-issue."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The success of all of our kids is paramount. ... We can't just lock up everyone. The stakes are high."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I thought last game certainly was his best performance, especially in terms of pass rush. I think he's still learning the league, obviously. Heck, I'll be saying that until midseason probably, maybe even the end of the season. But I think his conditioning is getting a little better; he's getting in a little more football shape."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Clearly they recognize that content security is an incredibly valuable and necessary component in that video offering."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Our defense has always been what's helped us turn things around throughout the year."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"This is very fun for us."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I believe this is holy ground,"
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Believe Quotes

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