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"The drought crisis in the Horn of Africa is very serious, and we must address immediate needs. The people of the region and those who seek to help them need much more support. [...] I urge the international community to turn their attention to the crisis. I especially urge donor countries to fund and support the UN appeals and the efforts of the entire humanitarian community."
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"The world is expecting us to make poverty history ? to turn poverty into something our great grandchildren will read about, but not really understand, like the medieval plagues, ... We can do it. And we must do it."
Author: Bondevik Quotes Category: History Quotes
"I will present my request to resign for the coalition government,"
"I'll be disappointed if we don't keep power,"
Author: Bondevik Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"A person's worth is quite independent of their usefulness to society."
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"Each individual is unique. We all have equal worth. Young and old, those who can cope and those who need help."
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"We have a good life when we manage to live with both satisfied and unsatisfied needs, when we are not obsessed by what is beyond our reach."
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"We hope to avoid a big catastrophe; it is possible, it is up to the international community and of course up to the national and local authorities."
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"We must never relinquish the vision of a humane society and a humane world."
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"I was able to see the good work that is being done to the immediate crisis, but it is very clear to me that the governments and the partners must give more priority to long-term development solutions that reduce vulnerability to drought."
Author: Bondevik Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Don't believe those who claim that only left wing parties really care about employment."
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"There is a need for more effective dialogue and enhanced cooperation on humanitarian and long-term food security issues between the government and [the] international community, including donors, UN agencies and NGO partners."
"I urged them [the government] to further develop the private sector and to explore the private investment potential."
"We would like more data, more information."
"Villa Grande has in many ways symbolized an important, but less than pleasant, part of our history,"
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