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"He's a special player. You might see a lot of kids who can hit and may be a little weak on defense, or vice versa. Jason's got a little bit of it all, and he excels in all of it. I don't know that he has a true weakness. It's truly something special to be around a kid like that."
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"Obviously, they have the most to gain (and) the most to lose in terms of the market's success or failure."
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"Some kids really stepped up and did well. I know we've got the lead right now, but it's going to come down to the end and it's going to be a battle."
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"They all did really well at district and I believe they'll do the same this week — I know we'll be ready for it. Our main thing is just to do our best and that's all we can ask for. It's going to take two really strong days and we're really going to have to perform."
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"We couldn't have done it without the generous support of many individuals and businesses here in the community."
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"There are no hard and fast rules,"
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"I wasn't expecting to get that many points, but everybody really stepped up. All the coaches working with the kids – it takes everybody's work to get to where we're at and it paid off."
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"Our thoughts and prayers go out to them, ... It's a sad situation for everybody."
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"It puts pressure on all these kids, because they are being evaluated. I think it's made us a better team, because nobody's taking a day off. They are going harder and harder everyday."
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"It shows that he talks to the coaches and does research, and that professionalism comes across on the air. I think Aaron has the potential to be a play-by-play guy on the large stage. He's dedicated to being the best announcer he can be."
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