Bob Bennett Quotes

6 Bob Bennett quotes:

"Plaintiff [Jones] has failed to produce evidence showing the existence of essential elements of each of her claims. Therefore President Clinton is entitled to judgment as a matter of law."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Existence Quotes
"in light of Tuesday's elections, the prevailing White House view is, let's see what happens."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Elections Quotes White House Quotes
"When you bite into it, it just doesn't exist, ... I believe very strongly there is no legal case here."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"I believe the administration's policy to store the waste in a facility 2,000 feet below ground in the Nevada desert remains the best alternative,"
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"I'm pleased they're going to consolidate any investigation in Washington. It makes life a lot easier. I wish Congress would follow the same lead."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Our position is this is a baseless, frivolous case we have no intention of settling."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Intention Quotes

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