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"The economy remains very solid and it appears likely to expand at a pace of 4-1/2 percent to 5 percent in the second half of the year."
"This number shows that inflation is in a benign mode for the U.S. economy."
"The economy was firing on almost all cylinders. It is continuing to show the resilience we've seen time and time again."
"The higher level of energy prices is certainly affecting the psychology of consumers. But the underlying strength of the economy, and the continued increase in the relative strength of the underlying job market should prevent consumer spending from collapsing."
"Right now we're already starting to see that rebuilding is under way and energy prices are moving lower so that makes it easier for them to stick to their strategy. They will likely conclude that the economy is showing a great deal of resilience and that it is able to withstand a higher level of oil prices."
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"The Fed is likely to acknowledge some dampening in growth from rising energy costs. But it will suggest the underlying economy is solid and although inflation has been in check recently, there are upside risks going forward,"
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"The underlying trend still seems to be relatively low, but the jobless claims will reflect the destruction to business activity in the region during the next two to three weeks."
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"But we do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel."
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"If a company is mute, they (investors) often sell because of the uncertainty. Go back and start looking at fundamentals."
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"Retailers are biting their nails because of the large decline in consumer confidence. But it remains to be seen whether consumers will vote with their feet."
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"[However, economists hope this is only a one-month spike.] Productivity gains are still good and workers are not receiving large pay increases, ... Labor costs are still contained."
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"Companies are looking to expand profits more now through sales growth than cost cutting."
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"The market generally tries to look forward. It's trying to look over the valley but doesn't know how far or wide that valley will be."
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"On the import side, the strength is from a rebuilding of inventories from companies and a general expansion of the U.S. economy. Petroleum imports increased, adding to the import bills."
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"The Federal Reserve cannot address directly supply disruptions and really the best support they can give in this situation is to keep the economy on a sound footing with low inflation."
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"The news makes people nervous about corporate management."
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