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Rod Marinelli Quotes

31 Rod Marinelli quotes:

"Sometimes you have to use different things ... that show you what you're trying to accomplish. Those are things that capture the mind for a moment, and an image can do it. You can talk and talk, but an image will last."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"That has prepared me to be a head coach."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"This isn't about me being in a comfort zone. It's about me getting the best people to help us win. I don't want to have a bunch of assistants sitting in there saluting me. I want a bunch of guys with strong ideas."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"I think it'll grow on me as I go. But I just want to keep my energy going at the things that are really important right now for this football team."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"I've decided to go in a new direction at the quarterback position. Things have changed since we talked last. It was my decision."
"We just talk about the responsibilities we have to the game of football in this position. This position of power is important if it's pushed out correctly, if you push your power out to help people and help this organization and do it that way."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"We know what (Martz) can do with the football. He has won, and he is a champion."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"The one thing I do like about him, he is a winner. He knows how to move the football. I would love to have him, but we're still talking."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"It's not about me being comfortable. It's about what's right with this football team. Once I made that thought process, the decision was very easy."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Football is a show-me game."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"You've got to find the type of men for whom football is so important to them that I've got to kick him out of the facility. He wants to be the best. 'How do I do it? Help me. What do I have to do to be great?' That's what I'm looking for, and that's what I'm going to find."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes

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