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Rob Rogers Quotes

6 Rob Rogers quotes:

"This is a great opportunity to meet other firefighters."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"She yelled for her mom and dad. She was really close to her destination, I guess her home at that time."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"While they were there, they noticed a man in there made eye contact with them and some type of facial gesture toward them."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"There's nothing to say that he's not going to go to another school. He could very easily go to any other school. (I) don't know whether he'd have the same success in going into the building, but this person could do the same thing."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Clearly, there are cartoonists over there whose lives are being threatened. ... The truth of it is, he didn't want me to do anything inflammatory where it would just incite people."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"We believe that there is possibly one. We do have a witness who says he did speak to the driver of the vehicle as the vehicle was submerging telling him to get out, and he did not. So we do know according to a witness (there was) at least one victim."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Believe Quotes

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