Laurence Maroney Quotes

4 Laurence Maroney quotes:

"Actually it was fun splitting time with a guy like Marion Barber. We both brought something different to the table, kept defenses on their toes, not knowing what they're going to get. We always had fresh legs in the game, so splitting time was never a problem. We never had any complaints about who had the ball."
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"I was looking at him like, 'I hope he doesn't say anything. He can't say anything. I scored."
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"If you're a first-rounder, it's like, why stay? I feel the only thing you can do is hurt your chances next year by getting hurt."
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"Getting the opportunity to come here is a blessing. I just want to come here and work hard. I don?t want to walk in the footsteps of another back. I want to create my own legacy."

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