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"There's no question it all has been a distraction. Practice this week has been (bad) and part of it is not knowing what is going to happen. We need to put it all behind us and focus on D.C. because if we don't we are going to lose."
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"It was interesting. It was good practice. It's always good to see them in a different light so we put them on the big field. There were a few plusses and a few minuses."
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"He's physical, he's strong and he's fast and with Edson next to him we could give teams real problems."
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"When you look at it, we're building, it takes time, there's still teething problems. Come Sunday, it's a brand new team again because nobody's ever played with Edson, nobody's played with Danny, [and] Amado hasn't been on the field much."
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"He fit right in. He is a very talented kid who has the potential to be a great player in this league."
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"From our standpoint, our performance was totally unacceptable."
"Bob is a good friend, and now I'm picking up the pieces. But it's my opportunity to move the team forward. It's an emotional day, tough on the players, tough on the staff."

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