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"If you play (quality) soccer, ... you're always going to create something. (I was proud of) the determination from my players; we played like a unit today, like a team for 90 minutes."
"Colorado planned today not to play soccer -- just disturb us, ... If you're losing, you have to lose with class."
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"We know we should do better at the end of the game, ... We know we were supposed to win, but we cannot feel sorry for ourselves. It's another lesson learned, which is good before an important game."
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"He is still a little hurt and he'll need to adjust to the pace of the game, so we have to be patient. If he pushes himself too early, it's going to be a mess again. We have to take it step by step. We'll make a decision at the end of the week."
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"This is not my kind of celebration for sure but it's a new generation now with new ideas. Maybe I'm too old fashioned."
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"I think we picked it up and could have had two goals in the first 10 minutes of the second half, but the referees right now are out of hand, ... My best players are getting sent off and we have to cover for them in the toughest stretch of the season. That is unacceptable."
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"I think we played two complete halves. We had chances to score more goals, but overall this is what we expect. ... The fans were amazing, and the whole stadium was just unbelievable and gave us a lift."
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"We played two complete halves. We had a few chances to score more goals, but this is what we expect ... and defensively we were very good."
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"We just want to make sure everything is in place and he's not struggling with the injury and his fitness, ... We want to give him time to be ready for Saturday. We haven't made a final decision yet, but that probably makes more sense."
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"This was a good training session for us today. We've been working pretty hard on our fitness and I think that it showed in our legs today. Our effort is there, however, which is the most important. We'll continue to work throughout preseason to clean the rest of this up."
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"It's not about the tactics. It's not about the substitutions. It's about the heart, and always was. If you go into the game thinking maybe that everything's going to be easy because we play at home, then you're wrong."
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"I think it's quality. We always felt -- with our president Kevin Payne and Dave Kasper, because we all make the decision -- we came to a consensus that the guys from Argentina are really something different from Brazilians. They care about the shirt, what kind of (team) logo you have on your shirt. They understand how competitive our league is. They understand what I expect of them."
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"I was a second-year coach, and I made mistakes. We did come up short. Maybe we weren't that hungry, and it was my responsibility to make them hungry. I learned some important lessons, but I can't look back."
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"It's a learning process. We just want to make it better for everyone, better for our league and better for our team."
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"You can see the progress, you can see how he adjusts to situations and of course, [how] he goes forward because this is his strength and this is his weapon."
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"You know, we still have a couple of weeks to work on some things, but we've found a good way right now. The third camp is almost easy, because everyone is anxious about the season and the players are fighting for their positions, so it's been good."
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"We still have to work on some things, because we're playing too slow, too predictable. There were a couple of good chances, with Josh in the first half, right off the bat - we have to score from this position. And Freddy just before the half-these are some crucial plays. If we go in 2-1 at halftime, it's a different story. But the boys responded very well, and I'm happy with how they played."
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"I don't want to find any excuses but the performance in the first half was unacceptable and I let them know at halftime that we need to play better and I think the team picked up the tempo and the rhythm. In the first 10 minutes we had two chances to score but I'm not going to let my guys off the hook."
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