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Bob Wilson Quotes

7 Bob Wilson quotes:

"This was one we really wanted to win. We just wanted to turn up the intensity and keep working hard as a team so we can keep playing."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"Diego Maradona - a flawed genius who has now become a genius who is flawed."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"[And with no structured process, criteria for who gets what merit job is subjective at best.] If we're looking for objectivity, ... a standardized process would be something worthwhile to review."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Job Quotes Objectivity Quotes
"We just have to bounce back from this and come out a lot stronger next game."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Sports Quotes Bounce Quotes
"All of the AMC cars that we had were good, long-lasting cars. I've gotten thousands--tens of thousands at this point--of great e-mails with AMC stories from people over the years, and only two were negative so far."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"What Brookhaven has going for it is way ahead of what a lot of other communities had when they started their journey,"
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Journey Quotes
"It was a remarkably quick turn around with our relationships with Japan. Within two to three years we were rebuilding landing strips at airports that we had bombed a few months before. We forged what has been an enduring alliance with Japan. We went from them going from being one of our bitterest enemies to them being our ally. It was interesting how that was accomplished in almost no time at all."

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