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6 Dieter Zetsche quotes:

"DaimlerChrysler made significant progress in 2005. But our earnings are still not where we want them to be."
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"We are seeing whether there are more possibilities to intensify our cooperation. We're talking about a whole bunch of projects. We meet each other regularly."
"Industry sales actually came out higher than expected. In January, we lost some momentum in the marketplace because of the uncertainty surrounding our recovery. By announcing a major portion of our turnaround plan earlier this week, we will recapture that momentum."
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"DaimlerChrysler made significant progress in the year 2005, but our earnings are still not where we want them to be. We intend to grow profitably and to create added value over the long term - for the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders."
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"We are not satisfied with last year's results. We can only safeguard the future of our company and the jobs of our employees if we achieve profitable growth."
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"We are in a difficult business situation and we know the only way to initiate change effectively is by working together. The true test of a strong relationship is measured during times such as these."

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