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"Joey Porter is getting criticism based on what he (has) said throughout the playoffs. I think it's easy to criticize him because of what he said in the past. But it's not like things he said in the past weren't true. The guy speaks off the cuff; he shows you what he believes and what he thinks. That's not a bad thing."
"He's smash-mouth, but he's also got a lot of creativity and is going to bring a lot to the table for that team."
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"The range of our emotions there were all over the place."
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"Detroit, you were incredible. Pittsburgh, here we come. I played this game to win a championship. I'm a champion. I think The Bus ... his last stop is here, in Detroit."
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"I played this game to win a championship. I?m a champion and I think the last stop is here, in Detroit."
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"He's our horse now; he carries the load. I always had faith in him."
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"when my body started to come around. I said to myself, 'If my body doesn't come around, there's no way I can be out here.' I only play a certain way. At that point, I said to myself, 'If it doesn't come back, I have to walk away.' . . . It was the first time it took that long [for his body to recover from a season]. I don't know if it was the age or whatever, but it took a while. I think that was a message that, 'You're okay, but it's taking a little longer.'"
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"We've played (in Detroit) a couple of times, so that's a benefit for me. Nothing the likes of this type of game, of course. But I don't think there's going to be any more pressure on me."
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"I do know that I would have loved to have been in there late in the game, ... Coach and I talked about all the situations that happened in the game and everything that was going on. But it's a conversation I'm going to keep and not talk about."
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"It'd be nice but it's not necessary. I started in so many, that's not critical. It wasn't on my Christmas list."
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"We had different circumstances. At 7-5, understanding that every game at that point is going to be a playoff game got us battle-tested, ready for the playoffs, a lot earlier, because we turned it on in the latter part of the season. We were in playoff mode."
"The script right now, if you took it to Hollywood they'd turn it down, saying it couldn't happen."
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"I got the humility from Mom and Dad. But when I was here, coach (Lou Holtz) pounded it in; made sure it didn't leave. It was never about me, it was always about the team."
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"I feel so bad for him. He knew this was coming, but you hate to see it happen during Super Bowl week. He's not even going to get to enjoy it."
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"The reality is it could be my last. So, the way I look at it, I'm approaching it as if is the last home game."
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"Even when it's warm, they don't want to see me, trust me. I try to make it as difficult as possible for those guys and as painful as possible every time they tackle me. So late in the game, in the fourth quarter, that's when you start getting those big runs, because they don't want to come up and tackle you."
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"I think the biggest thing was understanding what we are going into. I think not playing in a dome for so many years, it really rattled us. We understood it was going to be loud and you can't do anything about it but play through it."
"I really think it is great that my mother and my father are able to capture a moment for themselves. Thirteen years following me around this great country of ours, they deserve it."
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"The frustrating part for me was listening to everybody talk about, well should I play,"
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"That's my job. There was no way I wasn't going to get into the end zone."
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