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Ralph Goodale Quotes

16 Ralph Goodale quotes:

"This is an issue that the caucus asked the government to consider, so we're examining that as something we may want to consider during the course of the fall."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"In this Year of the Veteran we are recognizing the contributions made by the women and men who have served Canada in uniform, ... It is also fitting that we recognize the contributions made on the Canadian home front, one of which was the Victory Loan Program and the purchase of Victory Bonds."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"It was agreed among the House leaders that without putting the House through the complication of a vote, and the bells and the time and all of that ... we would just unanimously accept the deeming motion."
"It was a meeting that reflected very well, with a lot of pride, on the accomplishments of a successful administration. What we inherited in 1993, to what we turn over now in 2006 ... we can take a lot of pride."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"It became quite obvious that the opposition's intention was to prevent the publication of a budget in February, and therefore I felt I had an obligation to Canadians not just to provide the bare bones of statistics, but in fact to give a greater indication of how the flexibility would be used,"
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"affected hundreds of thousands of ordinary Canadians who have invested in mutual funds that invest in income trusts."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Tomorrow, I hope we will be able to provide further and better detail,"
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"This is an issue that the caucus asked the government to consider,"
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The opposition will do whatever the opposition does but this government is standing not only on its record, but its agenda on its future, and I am more than happy to take that agenda to Canadians if necessary,"
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"the most vulnerable in society."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"We intend to see that benefit redirected to consumers, to Canadians, ... We are at the moment considering the options we have available."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Benefit Quotes
"The tax-reduction plan . . . is a job-creation initiative that I hope (NDP Leader Jack) Layton would be able to support,"
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Creation Quotes
"If Parliament should ultimately defeat these measures, then whoever did so would have to take responsibility for raising taxes on Canadians,"
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"higher projected corporate and personal income tax receipts and lower public debt charges."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"if the time is available (for a budget), I will no doubt make use of that time."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"In fact, I think our focus would need to be in the opposite direction, ... the first step in an ongoing plan."
Author: Goodale Quotes Category: Direction Quotes

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