Justin King Quotes

9 Justin King quotes:

"He might have friends who want to do the same thing. Yeah, and they might bring a gun."
"We showed that we could control the clock."
Author: King Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"This demonstrates our commitment to our pension schemes by ensuring appropriate funding levels... The increase in members' contributions, together with the changes to future benefits, will achieve a more appropriate and balanced sharing of cost and risk."
Author: King Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"I prefer playing cornerback. It's better in the long run because there are more corners than running backs in the NFL."
"Speed kills. That's something they've been missing here on the perimeter the past couple of years."
Author: King Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"I'm wearing number one next year. There's no battle. I wore it longer than Derrick did in high school."
Author: King Quotes Category: School Quotes
"My best friend is overseas right now, ... It's great that we're helping (the troops) out as much as we can."
Author: King Quotes Category: Best Friends Quotes
"The customer experience is much improved, but we still need to achieve this at a more acceptable cost."
Author: King Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"This is an important stage in our recovery, and we are pleased that our progress is also confirmed by good market share growth over the same period of time."
Author: King Quotes Category: Progress Quotes

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