Gerhard Schroeder Quotes

30 Gerhard Schroeder quotes:

"The problem is so complicated that no-one can give really good advice,"
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"There is no crisis, ... The ability of the government to survive was never in danger."
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"expressed his confidence in Germany's ability to continue on the reform path."
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"We condemn what happened today concerning the aggression against a brotherly state under the pretext that some organizations exist there,"
"That will be the subject of our talks today, and I think that we will have an agreement within a foreseeable time."
"[The agreement] has created a fully new quality of economic cooperation, ... This cooperation is not directed against anyone, but is for German and Russian interests."
"This is one of the gravest crises Europe has ever experienced... An agreement failed because of the completely stubborn attitudes of the UK and the Netherlands."
"Any speculation about failure would be counterproductive,"
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"I regard myself as confirmed in office by our country and intend that there will be stable government under my leadership,"
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"I'm proud of the people of our country who weren't shaken by the media's manipulation and the media power,"
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"I see a military option a high-grade danger, ... Therefore I can certainly rule out that a German government under my leadership would take part in one."
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"He has a biography that makes clear that he grew away from the (leftist) scene, and he's done great work for our country."
"His commitment to overcoming the East-West conflict and his vision of a free and united Europe helped pave the way for those developments that ultimately enabled Germany also to regain its unity,"
"It was a task that did not have anything to do with military conflict, ... There is no reason to question the mission."
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"I am very sorry about this, ... But it can not be allowed to have any consequences, any negative consequences on the building of a stable government."
"These challenges can only be mastered together. With great expectation, I see our continued cooperation on the basis of the close friendship between Germany and the United States."
"[On Sept. 12, Germany’s party leaders met in the final pre-election debate in the format of a round-table discussion. Merkel attacked the current chancellor’s economic record, declaring,] You have failed in this question. That’s why you are in such a difficult position. ... as a medium-sized power which always tries to solve conflicts peacefully."
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"I want to keep the debate factual and I don't want to take part in polemic disputes,"
Author: Schroeder Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"The euro will raise the citizens' awareness of their belonging to one Europe more than any other integration step to date."
"that by overcoming dictatorship that the Iraqi people will have hope to live in peace and freedom and direct their own affairs as soon as possible."
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