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8 George Williams quotes:

"I'm proud of them for showing character and coming back. Hopefully, we'll have more focus when we come over here tomorrow. I think we're going to have a little workout before we leave school."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"Her whole life has been in prosecution, in the field of criminal justice that she knows and likes. It makes sense for her to run for A.G. It's not too late. Many New Yorkers have not read or heard about her problems running for Senate."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"We need to practice and work hard."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Any step in the right direction is certainly positive, ... Certainly, we'd have liked to have seen more, but with the understanding the Forest Service has made a move in a positive direction, we just hope we can continue to move in that direction."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I know, but lately we just haven't been playing well. I'm just trying to see if my girls can handle adversity."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"Keep fighting, keep fighting,"
"We showed a lot of character."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"We were under our psychiatrist's care for a good while, ... We will be on Prozac on the rest of our lives, he said. It's not been easy, but I grew up tough; I am a Marine."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Rest Quotes

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