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Albert Osterhaus Quotes

5 Albert Osterhaus quotes:

"The situation in the Netherlands could be quite explosive because of the huge concentration and numbers of poultry. It is worse than in other countries."
"From a public health point of view, I think what is happening in southeast Asia is much more serious than what would be happening in Europe ... ."
Author: Osterhaus Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"I think we should form a European influenza task force that brings together all our knowledge, so that if you have outbreaks in the future you could form delegations to work together with local experts in the area where it occurs."
Author: Osterhaus Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"There is a real threat, and I think the situation we are facing today is quite alarming. We really fear that this particular virus might be at the basis of the first pandemic outbreak of influenza in the 21st century."
Author: Osterhaus Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"In these countries, the risk of a pandemic virus emerging is much higher than it is in Western Europe."
Author: Osterhaus Quotes Category: Risk Quotes

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